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Penny Ross, Homeschool Consultant

     Tools for the Home Educator is the vision of Penny Ross, homeschool mom and leader in the local homeschool community for over 28 years.  Let her help you succeed as you educate your children at home — schedule an appointment today for a private consultation or drop by to browse her selection of gently-used teaching resources.  Plan to attend a workshop to expand your teaching skills and effectiveness as a homeschool parent.

     Penny’s goal is to make Tools for the Home Educator into a place of inspiration and  encouragement for homeschool families while they receive practical training and support.   In the future, she’d love to expand to include a teachers’ lounge for  homeschool parents and meeting space for tutors and group classes. 




A homeschool resource center with used curriculum, training, support, and consultations for homeschool parents


“Penny Ross has been a tremendous support throughout our 11 years of homeschooling.  We are nearing the end of our very rewarding and bitter-sweet homeschool journey as our daughters graduate.  We have great joy and satisfaction in knowing that we made the right decision to home educate our children, and much of our success can be attributed to her wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and inspiration.”                                       —   Dora 

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