Academics: The Big Picture — Monday, April 27, 2020, 7:00 pm


Schools separate learning into independent subjects and compartmentalized grade levels. But learning in real life is actually integrated and is more successful when based on developmental readiness. If we understand which subjects and skills are foundational to other subjects and skills, then we are in a better position to determine when and how we want to cover them.

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Penny Ross has been homeschooling and working with homeschoolers for over 30 years.  Look beyond grade-level specifics to the big picture of K-12 education from her unique vantage point.

For example — If we have a late reader, then how are the other subjects impacted? Is it necessary to teach a foreign language or a musical instrument in elementary school or is can that be a matter of personal preference? How does mathematical prowess affect high school science studies? These questions and others are more easily answered if you have a grasp of the big picture of K-12 academics.


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