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Academics: The Big Picture How does a homeschool parent know what to teach and when? We’ll discuss what is necessary, what is nice, and what is nonobligatory to cover in the early elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school years.


Choosing CurriculumOverwhelmed by the sheer number of teaching resources available to today’s home educator? This workshop will help you narrow your choices as you determine what will work best for you and your family in this particular season of your life.


College ABCs  — This workshop will cover the different types of higher education (such as UC, CSU, Junior College, Private College, vocational school), the admissions process for homeschoolers, and a short primer on financial aid.


A Customized Education — How do you determine which subjects would best be taught by you at home and which ones could (or should) be outsourced? And how best to outsource — group class, tutor, co-op, online, or what? Also when, how, and why can a student teach himself? Homeschooling in Southern California today offers you the opportunity to truly “customize” an education.


Cutting Curriculum Costs — There are so many ways to save money on your teaching materials. We’ll discuss locating used curriculum, successfully using older editions, finding free resources, and more.


Elementary Overview — What are the necessary, the nice, and the needless topics and skills for the elementary school grades? How can I best prepare my younger student for future academic success without overloading him or her?


High School Overview — We’ll examine each academic subject area and discuss requirements for life and career preparation, high school graduation, and college admission.


Homeschool Methods and Approaches —  We’ll discuss the defining characteristics of some common homeschooling approaches including traditional, unit study, literature-based learning, classical education, unschooling, and multimedia, while looking at sample materials from each.


Homeschooling a High-Energy Kid  —  If your kid barely ever sits still, how  is he or she going to learn to read, do long division, or write essays?  Practical tips and tools for working with the kid with an abundance of energy.


Homeschooling: The What, the Why, and the How — This is the basic workshop for those who know little-to-nothing about homeschooling and want to learn more. A great beginning if you are considering educating your own children at home.


Key Skills for Life After High School — Homeschooling your high school student includes skills like algebra, essays, and biology. But let us not forget that “real life” awaits our students after high school. What other skills should we be covering during the high school years?


Lesson Planning —  In a school setting, the curriculum determines the pace.  But in homeschooling, we can  emphasize an appropriate pace and load for each particular student.  With that goal in mind, how do I plan?   And what are some of the many ways I can present a lesson? 


Looking Ahead to High School —  Homeschooling high school: what decisions should be made before it begins? What are the differences in homeschool high school programs, and does it really matter after graduation? Includes high school sports, outsourcing difficult classes, dual enrollment in college, and extracurricular activities.


Managing Your School Day How do I add in homeschooling to a day already full with laundry, housework, errands and more? Does it matter when I teach and in what order we tackle our subjects? This workshop includes scheduling tools, time management tips, and organizational pointers to help you manage your day more effectively.  This is  Penny’s most popular workshop!


Middle School: Is It Any Different? —  What do you need to cover now as the bridge between the academic foundations of elementary school and the more advanced coursework of high school.  And how do the startling physical, mental, and emotional changes of puberty impact your homeschooling? 


Mixing Learning Into Life —  Are textbooks the most effective way to teach or learn?  What if I want to use real life experiences and informal learning opportunities? This workshop will help you integrate  learning into  the natural flow of your day and into your family’s lifestyle.  Also covered will be ideas for record keeping and documenting this type of education.


Recordkeeping Simplified —  What records does a homeschooling family need to keep? Why? For whom? Let’s discuss how to keep professional records in 5 minutes per day!


Teaching Materials Practicum — Join homeschool veteran Penny Ross for a “guided tour” of various teaching materials, curriculum, and supplementary materials. Learn first-hand how to use and individualize these materials in your own family. Browse and peruse different publishers and resources from various teaching approaches. 


What My Wife Wants Me to Know about Homeschooling — Are my children learning what they need to know when they need to know it? How do I know if it is enough? Can they really study in pajamas? Dads, bring your questions and concerns so we can address them as we also talk about ways that you can help your wife and your family successfully learn at home.


You CAN Teach Preschool at Home —  In today’s world, parents of 3 and 4 year olds often feel pressured to send their children OUT to preschool. But academic readiness skills can very easily be taught within the realm of real-life experiences at home. Come find out how!


Most workshops can be presented from either a Christian or nonsectarian point of view.


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