Teaching Your Own At Home: Differences in Quarantine-Distance-Learning and Home Education


One-hour Webinar — Thursday, May 28, 7:30 pm

Is the COVID-19 pandemic causing you to re-evaluate your children’s schooling?  Are you dissatisfied with one-size-fits-all learning and wondering how and if you could customize an educational approach to better fit the needs of your particular child?  Let’s talk homeschooling — legal options in California and the many ways in which it is quite different than the distance learning model currently being utilized during the quarantine.

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If you and/or your children are totally frustrated with your current experiences with distance-learning, don’t let that keep you from considering homeschooling.  There are many more approaches, options, and methods available to you through the freedom of teaching your own at home.


Presenter Penny Ross has 32 years of homeschooling experience: teaching her own 3 children, running a homeschool program at her church, and now as an independent homeschool consultant at Tools for the Home Educator.  Join her to learn more about the different ways to legally homeschool in California to comply with compulsory attendance requirements.


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